Westlake H188

Benefits and Features

  • Valuable commercial light truck tyre for vehicles on paved roads
  • 5 rib grooves provides improved handling and comfort
  • Polyester tyre casing with steel belts for good durability


Size LR/PR Service
dB Noise
155R12C C/6PR 83/81Q 4.5B E C 72 2
155R13C D/8PR 90/88S 4.5B E C 72 2
165R13C C/6PR 91/89S 4.5B E C 72 2
165/70R13C C/6PR 88/86S 5.0J F C 72 2
185R14C D/8PR 102/100R 5.5J E C 72 2
195R14C D/8PR 106/104Q 5.5J E C 72 2
175/70R14C C/6PR 95/93S 5.0J E C 72 2
195R15C D/8PR 106/104R 5.5J C C 72 2
205/65R15C C/6PR 102/100T 6.0J C C 72 2
215/65R15C C/6PR 104/102T 6.5J
195/70R15C D/8PR 104/102R 6.0J C C 72 2
205/70R15C D/8PR 106/104R 6.0J C C 72 2
215/70R15C D/8PR 109/107R 6.5J C C 72 2
225/70R15C D/8PR 112/110R 6.5J C C 72 2
195/60R16C C/6PR 99/97H 6.0J
215/60R16C D/8PR 108/106T 6.5J E C 72 2
195/65R16C D/8PR 104/102T 6.0J
205/65R16C D/8PR 107/105T 6.0J C C 72 2
215/65R16C D/8PR 109/107T 6.5J
225/65R16C D/8PR 112/110T 6.5J
235/65R16C D/8PR 115/113R 7.0J C C 72 2
185/75R16C D/8PR 104/102R 5.0J C C 72 2
195/75R16C D/8PR 107/105R 5.5J C C 72 2
205/75R16C D/8PR 110/108Q 5.5J C C 72 2
215/75R16C D/8PR 113/111Q 6.0J C C 72 2
225/75R16C E/10PR 118/116R 6.0J C C 72 2
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Additional information



Brand Category

Westlake Light Truck, Westlake Truck

Rim Size

12C", 13C", 14C", 15C", 16C"

Vehicle Types

Light Truck


155R12C, 155R13C, 165/70R13C, 165R13C, 175/70R14C, 185/75R16C, 185R14C, 195/60R16C, 195/65R16C, 195/70R15C, 195/75R16C, 195R14C, 195R15C, 205/65R15C, 205/65R16C, 205/70R15C, 205/75R16C, 215/60R16C, 215/65R15C, 215/65R16C, 215/70R15C, 215/75R16C, 225/65R16C, 225/70R15C, 225/75R16C, 235/65R16C