Buying Tyres

There are a number of considerations when buying tyres but lets start with some of the key points. The first is what size is my tyre? This can be found on the tyre’s sidewall information and will look something like 205/55R16. The next important consideration is the tyre’s service description .This consists of  two important […]

How Do I Take Care of My New Tyres?

Properly maintained tyres can help to give you a more comfortable ride and a longer tread life. So: Check your tyre pressure monthly with a tyre-pressure gauge (and make sure that the tyres are cold – at least 3 hours after driving). Check your tyres frequently for any cuts, snags, punctures, any other injury, or […]

Correct Tyre Inflation Pressure

The tyre pressures specified for your vehicle are agreed between the vehicle manufacturer and the tyre producer. The recommended tyre pressures for your vehicle/tyre combination can be found in your vehicle handbook, inside the fuel filler flap or  on the driver’s door post. Tyre pressure influences many important characteristics of the vehicle performance, such as: […]