Continental ComfortContact CC6

Relax in a world of your own!

  • Superior low noise level
  • Excellent comfortable ride
  • High mileage performance
  • Good fuel efficiency


Less noise and comfortable frequencies

Harmonic Comfort Chambers are based on the “Helmholtz resonator” principle. These specially designed noise cancelling chambers are positioned on the inner shoulder of the tire pattern. Unpleasant noise generated between the road and tire is effectively cancelled out as air waves migrate in and out of the chambers. This prevents noise emission towards passengers, resulting in a quieter ride.

Reduced noise level

‘0’ dB-Eaters are uniquely shaped in-groove elements designed to split and diuse noise waves for lower road noise. To ensure a quieter ride, they break up noise waves travelling in the tread grooves to reduce the sound-level measured in decibels (dB).

Comfortable relaxed ride

The CC6 Whisper Compound is a smoother rolling tread compound that adapts better to the roughness of the road surface for superior comfort. The compound absorbs tire vibrations to diffuse road noise. It dampens micro bumps on the road so the tire rolls smoothly

Higher mileage

Better tread-life due to strong, locking molecular connections that resist wear – polymers are bonded with a strong durable sulphur network.

Additional information



Rim Size

14", 15", 16", 17", 18"

Width 175 – 255

Aspect Ratio 45 – 70

Rim Diameter 14 – 18

Speed Symbol H – W